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I’m so done fighting for you…

…shit I’ll probably still send you a goodmorning text.

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Anonymous asked: Hmmmm how shall we talk?

come off anon

Anonymous asked: You're hella attractive and I'm hella crushin

haha awh 😊

Anonymous asked: You are so gorgeous and I have the biggest crush on you so shhh 🙊

oh shit ok hi

Anonymous asked: Try a black girl

give me one

selfie for anon

selfie for anon

Anonymous asked: SELFIE!! Or reblog one hehe

k one sec

skybella97 asked: What's your type?

my type.
can I just make a list?
1. blonde or brown hair with preferably blue or hazel eyes.
2. fast replier bc Im a clingy piece of shit.
3. likes video games bc I like competition
4. can take a joke bc I’m sarcastic
5. has a good future planned
6. athletic
7. cute laugh
8. clingy/touchy
9. shows that they care.

Anonymous asked: I'll fall for you